FasterNotes Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Staff always happy to help Homecare agencies. 

Knowledgeable Representatives

Nothing is more frustrating than talking to someone who doesn't know what they're doing. At FasterNotes all our representatives are home health experts. We only hire people with direct, home health experience. People who have worked inside home health agencies and understand the processes, regulations and trends.

  • Home Health experts answer your calls;
  • Knowledgeable training and support staff teach you on real processes;
  • We don't just teach you how to press buttons. 

Friendly Staff

Your home health agency is assigned to a group of customer support representatives called "Case Managers". When you call, you're directly routed to your group. They know your staff by name and understand what your company needs.

  • Your agency is assigned to a small group of Customer Support Case Managers;
  • Your Case Managers know you and everyone at your agency by name;
  • Case Managers understand what's important to your company;
  • Case Managers take your requests and advocate your agency's requests to development;
  • Case Managers can help with regulatory research. Have a question? Just ask;
  • Case Managers are experts in home health and understand.

FasterNotes Customer Service staff ready to train Homecare agencies. 


Different people learn differently. At FasterNotes we provide home health agencies with tools that work for them. Are you a face to face person, or someone who wants to learn on their own time? Do you want someone to come to your office for a few days or do you want a quick 4 hour training? Regardless of your style, we have you covered.

  • Quick online office and field staff training allows you to learn and move on quickly;
  • Need more assistance? Longer training is available upon request, free of charge;
  • Have staff members that aren't too computer savvy? Schedule unlimited, additional sessions for free;
  • Want to learn on your own time? Help videos are strategically ordered to teach you the ins and outs;
  • Prefer to have a FasterNotes representative come to your office? Just request it.


Training shouldn't be a one time deal. As a Home Health Agency, you may not be able to get all your field staff together for one training. Also, just like any other field, Home Health Agencies can have new employees at any time. At FasterNotes, we understand that your company may need full or specialized training at any time, and we accommodate that. Schedule your free training for all or one of your staff members.

  • Home Health Agencies enjoy free full office training at sign up;
  • New employees are trained for free;
  • Schedule follow up training for currently employees anytime;
  • Schedule new features tours as often as you need;
  • FasterNotes representatives contact your home health agency when there are big updates to schedule a training.

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