Success stories from our Clients


Tony Mariano
Dedicated Home Health, Inc.

Great Onboarding Experience

We're an agency going through our first survey and the support staff at Fasternotes has made the whole setup process extremely pain free. They are very knowledgeable about home health, even more than my consultant! I was very surprised with the level of support I've received, especially being a brand new agency. Great product and the best customer service.

Jeanette Lister
National Care Home Health, Inc.

Simple and User Friendly

I like the simplicity of the program in general. It has a really nice, clean and modern feel to the program unlike many of the other software companies I checked out. Feels like a new and updated software which is way less confusing for me personally. All of the tasks are very clear and the processes are simple and easy to complete. Most of the tasks I need to complete can be done from 1 page.

Marcy Cruz
Superior Home Health, Inc.

Very Helpful Support Staff

Our company signed up to Fasternotes a year ago and it took us some time to move everything over and sever ties with our old software. We had a survey last week and Fasternotes was extremely helpful during this time. They supplied us with the reports we needed and even helped us restore documents we thought we had lost. We passed our survey and are very thankful for the help provided from the support staff at Fasternotes.

The order tracking, to do list, and auto staffing capabilities are great. Make my tasks very simple and my day more efficient.
— Charlotte Millar, Better Care Home Health

Michael Moser
Shoreline Home Care

Makes Us More Efficient

By using Fasternotes, we have become exponentially more efficient in office by being able to easily and quickly view the status of pending documents and everything that needs to be completed. Our field staff are submitting documentation faster and documentation has become more clinically consistent.

Mya Jennings
Care First Home Health

Great User Experience

We have really enjoyed using the program so far. It is very easy for our staff to use and we are very thankful for that. We love the to do list and the orders page because it saves us so much time QAing documents and sending and receiving orders. We could never keep track of those things before.

I am the intake coordinator and Fasternotes really helps me stay organized and match our patients up with staff very quickly. The authorization tracking and automation makes it easy to follow up on frequency approvals with insurance companies and case managers. Great visual references for our field staff to see exactly when an authorization period expires and how many visits they have approved.
— Amanda Kagen - Alpha Home Care