• Easily filter for important tasks;
  • View a patient's schedule with one button click;
  • Discharge or recertify patients with one button;
  • Eliminate the need for at least 8 reports;
  • Filter for specific disciplines for easy QA;
  • See how many episodes your patients have;
  • Analyze which staff members are behind;
  • Complete quick tasks without having to navigate to the patient chart;
  • See your agency's missing and incomplete milestones in one view;
  • Quickly view each discipline's status from the list;
  • Staff your patients without leaving the page;
  • Filter for pending and missing claims.

and much more...

FasterNotes Patient list, Intuitive design shows you everything you need to see on one screen. All of the patients major milestones in one workable place


Knowledge is power and FasterNotes gives you the power of knowing what needs to be done without your Home Health staff looking for deficiencies.

Every page on FasterNotes is designed to give you the information you need, where you need it, in a workable format. This reduces the need to print reports, check chart by chart and keep miscellaneous lists.

Each essential task is indicated giving you a clear idea of what's done, what's pending and what's missing, so your Home Health Agency staff effectively zooms through the day.

Need to finish all pending care plans? Simply filter the list and go!


How does FasterNotes handle care coordination? Easily, that's how. Our motto is 'Business should be easy' and we make sure that all tasks are simple and logical. Care coordination is no exception, The FasterNotes Patient List gives you an episode by episode account of all assigned disciplines AND their status.

This intuitive design gives your Home Health Agency the opportunity to easily see important information without having to print multiple reports, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Need to check which therapists haven't done their evals? Simply filter and go! No need to leave the list or print reports.

FasterNotes Patient list. See all the Disciplines assigned to each patient and know their statuses all from one place

FasterNotes patient list. Easy to navigate through and work on patients records from the list view

No Navigation for Quick Tasks

But what is a workable list? Easy! Need to quickly create an order, reference a patient's medication, check a schedule? Your agency staff can do this right from the list.

When you filter for the items you need, you can also do the work without having to leave the Patient List. This saves your agency time and clicks. It's also easy to train people who are not as computer savvy.

FasterNotes is intuitively designed with real life Home Health processes in mind, meaning we understand what information you're looking for and when. Providing you with relevant information and the ability to do something about it quickly means your HHA won't miss a beat!

I didn’t realize how dependent I became on the patient list until I started working in another agency. It was so hard and time consuming to do anything that I ended up convincing the new agency I worked at to switch to FasterNotes.
— Jennifer, Clear Care Home Health

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